Part B

Observing and Identifying Colonial Green Algae

*. CAUTION Slides break easily. Use caution ▼ when handling them. Prepare a wet mount of the colonial green algae culture using a clean medicine dropper, a clean microscope slide, and a clean coverslip.

>. Examine the slide of mixed colonial green algae under low power, switching to the high-power setting as needed for clarity. Some of the organisms on your slide should resemble the photograph of Volvoxabove. How many different kinds of colonial green algae can you find?

1. In your data table, draw each type of colonial green algae you observe. How are these algae different in appearance from Chlamydomonas?

J. Use the dichotomous key, above right, to identify each type of colonial green algae. Choose an alga, and start at 1. Decide which choice best describes the alga. If the alga is not identified, go to the next number and make the next decision. Continue until you identify the alga. Then, label your drawing of the alga.

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