Part B

Feeding Behavior

7. Hydras eat small invertebrates, such as daphnia. With a medicine dropper, gently transfer another hydra to the well on your slide. Then transfer live daphnia to the well in the same manner.

8. Observe the hydra carefully with the high-power setting of the stereomicroscope. Watch for threadlike nematocysts shooting out from the hydra. Some nema-tocysts release a poison that paralyzes prey. If the hydra does not respond after a few minutes, obtain another hydra from the culture dish and repeat this procedure.

9. Observe the way the hydra captures and ingests daph-nia, and record your observations in your data table. Record how long it takes for a hydra to ingest a daphnia.

10. Transfer the hydra to the culture dish labeled "Used hydras." Rinse the well on your microscope slide with water to remove the daphnia.

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