Part B

Preparing an Agarose Gel

7. Set up a gel-casting tray, as shown in (b). Place a gel comb in the grooves of the gel-casting tray. Make sure that the comb does not touch the bottom of the tray. If it does, get another comb from your teacher.

8. Write the names of the members of your group on a paper towel. Carry your tray to the table with the melted agarose, and place your tray on the paper towel.

9. Using a hot mitt, pour melted 0.8% agarose into your gel-casting tray until the agarose reaches a depth of 3 mm. Make sure that the agarose spreads evenly throughout the tray. Do not move your gel tray before the agarose solidifies.

10. Let the gel cool (about 20-30 minutes) until the agarose solidifies.

11. While the gel is cooling, write your name, the date, and your class period on a zipper-lock plastic bag. Pour 5 mL of 1 x TBE buffer into the bag.

12. When the gel has solidified, carefully remove the gel comb by pulling it straight up. If the comb does not come up easily, pour a little 1 x TBE buffer on the comb area. After removing the gel comb, open the plastic bag and carefully slide the gel tray into the bag. Do not remove the gel from the gel-casting tray. Store the gel according to your teacher's instructions.

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