Part A

Simulating a Monohybrid Cross

1. You will model the random pairing of alleles by choosing lentils and peas from Petri dishes. These dried seeds will represent the alleles for seed color. A green pea will represent G, the dominant allele for green seeds, and a lentil will represent g, the recessive allele for yellow seeds.

2. The seeds in each Petri dish will represent the alleles from a single parent. Label one Petri dish "female gametes" and the other Petri dish "male gametes." Place one green pea and one lentil in the Petri dish labeled "female gametes," and place one green pea and one lentil in the Petri dish labeled "male gametes."

3. Each parent contributes one allele to each offspring. Model a cross between these two parents by choosing a random pairing of the dried seeds from the two containers. Do so by simultaneously picking one seed from each container withoutlooking. Place the pair of seeds together on the lab table. The pair of seeds represents the genotype of one offspring.

4. Record the genotype of the first offspring in your lab report in a table like Table A, shown below.

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