Part A

Observing an Earthworm

CAUTION You will be working with a live animal. Be sure to treat it gently and to follow directions carefully. Place a moist paper towel in a pan, and place an earthworm on the paper towel. CAUTION Rinse the earthworm frequently with

In this part of the laboratory investigation, you will test the earthworm's responses to three different stimuli. With your lab partners, develop three separate hypotheses that describe an earthworm's responses to light, moisture, and a base. In your lab report, make a data table like the one on the next page. To test the earthworm's response to light, cover half of the pan with black paper or cardboard. Check the lighting in the room. The light must be low and even during this test. Position the fluorescent lamp over the uncovered portion of the pan. Place the earthworm in the center of the pan, and observe its movements. Record your observations in your data table.

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