Part A

Response to Light

1. Put several drops of water on a piece of filter paper until the paper becomes slightly moist. Place the filter paper in the bottom of a Petri dish. Cover half the bottom of the Petri dish with aluminum foil.

2. Check the lighting in the room. The light must be low and even during this part of the investigation.

3. CAUTION You will be working with live animals. Be sure to treat them gently and to follow directions carefully. Place five pill bugs in the center of the filter paper. Shine a lamp directly over the Petri dish so that half the filter paper is brightly illuminated and the other half is in darkness, shaded by the foil.

4. Based on your knowledge of the natural habitat of pill bugs, can you predict where they will go? Make a data table like the one shown, and record your prediction as well as the actual responses of the pill bugs.

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