Part A

Tidal Volume, Expiratory Volume, and Vital Capacity

1. Make a data table in your notebook like the one shown on the next page (Part A Lung Volumes). ^lace a clean mouthpiece in the end of the spirometer. CAUTION Many diseases are spread by body fluids, such as saliva. Do NOT share a mouthpiece with anyone. Inhale a normal breath. Hold your nose, then exhale a normal breath into the spirometer. Record your data in the table.

3. Measure your expiratory reserve volume by first breathing a normal breath and exhaling normally. Then put the spirometer tube to your mouth as you forcefully exhale whatever air is left in your lungs. Be sure to force out as much air as possible. Record your data in the table.


_ Vital capacity

Tidal volume m

Mouthpiece -"J

Residual volume

Mouthpiece -"J

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