Part A

Cutting DNA

1" ^^ Wear safety goggles, gloves, and

2. Fill an ice bucket with ice. Obtain one each of the following microtubes: A—Uncut DNA, B—Hind\\\,

C—BamH\, D—EcoR\, and E—Unknown. Microtubes B-D contain 1 pL of the indicated restriction enzyme. Place all microtubes in the ice. Restriction enzymes MUST be kept on ice until step 6.

3. With a permanent marker, write the initials for everyone in your group on the top of microtubes A-E.

4. CAUTION If you get a chemical on your ^^ skin or clothing, wash it off at the sink while calling to your teacher. Set a micropipetter to 1 pL, and put a tip on the end of the micropipetter, as shown in (a) below. Using a new tip for each microtube, add 1 pL of the corresponding 10x restriction buffer to each of microtubes B-D. Place the buffer on the side of the tube. Do not touch the micropipetter tips to the solutions in the microtubes.


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