Ms Standardized Test Preparation

DIRECTIONS: Choose the letter of the answer choice that best answers the question.

1. Which of the following must pyruvic acid be converted into before the Krebs cycle can proceed?


B. glucose

C. citric acid

D. acetyl CoA

2. Which of the following occurs in lactic acid fermentation?

F. Oxygen is consumed.

G. Lactic acid is converted into pyruvic acid.

H. NAD+ is regenerated for use in glycolysis. J. Electrons pass through the electron transport chain.

3. Which of the following is not a product of the Krebs cycle?



D. ethyl alcohol

4. In which way is cellular respiration similar to photosynthesis?

F. They both make G3P.

G. They both involve ATP.

H. They both involve chemiosmosis. J. all of the above

5. ATP is synthesized in chemiosmosis when which of the following moves across the inner mitochondrial membrane?


B. oxygen

C. protons

D. citric acid

INTERPRETING GRAPHICS: The illustration shows part of a biochemical pathway. Use the illustration to answer the question that follows.

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