■ protective gloves

■ safety goggles

■ 2 tobacco or tomato plants

■ glass-marking pencil

■ tobacco from several brands of cigarettes

■ mortar and pestle

■ 10 mL 0.1 M dibasic potassium phosphate solution

■ 400 grit carborundum powder


1. The tobacco mosaic virus, TMV, infects tobacco as well as other plants.

2. Plants that are infected with TMV have lesions and yellow patches on their leaves.

3. In what form do viruses exist outside host cells?

4. The tobacco mosaic virus is an RNA virus with rod-shaped capsids and proteins arranged in a spiral.

5. Plants damaged by wind, low temperatures, injury, or insects are more susceptible to plant viruses than healthy plants are.

6. Plant viruses are transmitted by insects, gardening tools, inheritance from the parent, and sexual reproduction.

7. In this investigation, you will test whether tobacco from cigarettes can infect tobacco plants with TMV.

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