■ safety goggles

■ compound light microscope

■ microscope slides and coverslips

■ dropper bottle of Lugol's iodine solution

■ prepared slides of human epithelial cells

■ sprigs of Elodea

■ prepared slides of three unknowns


1. In this investigation, you will use a compound light microscope to observe cells from animals and plants. First, you will view a prepared slide of human epithelial cells taken from the skin lining the mouth. Then, you will make your own slide of a leaf from Elodea, a pond weed shown in the photograph on the next page.

2. Based on your observations of human epithelial cells and Elodea leaf cells, you will be asked to classify three slides of unknown cells as either animal or plant cells.

3. Before you examine any cells, list the structural characteristics that distinguish animal cells from plant cells.

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