■ glass-marking pencil

■ 2 large clear jars with wide mouths and lids with air holes

■ 6 shades each of brown and green construction paper, ranging from light to dark (2 swatches of each shade)


1. Anoles include 250-300 species of lizards in the genus Anolis.

2. Anoles can change color, ranging from brown to green, and are sometimes mottled.

3. Anoles live in shrubs, grasses, and trees. Describe some ways in which the ability to change color might be an advantage to anoles.

4. Light level, temperature, and other factors, such as whether the anole is frightened or whether it has eaten recently, can affect color. When anoles are frightened, they usually turn a dark grey or brown and are unlikely to respond to other stimuli.

5. Anoles can change color within a few minutes.


1. Observe the anoles in two terraria, and discuss the purpose of this investigation with your partners. Develop a hypothesis that describes a relationship between anole skin color and background color. Write your hypothesis in your lab report.

2. Obtain swatches of construction paper in at least six different shades of green and brown. You will need two swatches of paper in each color.

3. Obtain two clear jars. Label one jar "Anole 1," and label the other jar "Anole 2."

CAUTION You will be working with live animals. Handle them gently and follow instructions carefully. Select two anoles of the same color from the terraria. Plan your actions and cooperate with a partner to transfer one anole into each labeled jar. Anoles will run fast and are easily frightened. Carefully pick them up and place the animals in separate jars. Do not pick up anoles by their tails. Grasp them gently k behind the head. Quickly and carefully ft place a lid with air holes on each jar.

i 5. Gently place the jar with Anole 1 on a swatch of construction paper that most closely matches the anole's color. Try not to jostle the anole in the jar, and move the jar as little and as gently as possible. Repeat this procedure for Anole 2. Both anoles should closely match the color of the swatch.

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