■ construction paper

■ cellophane tape

■ meterstick or tape measure


1. The fictitious Egyptian origami bird (Avispapyrus) lives in arid regions of North Africa. Only the birds that can fly the long distances between oases live long enough to breed successfully.

2. Successful evolution requires the generation of inheritable variations by mutation and then selection by the environment of the most-fit individuals.

;n7:l Parent Generation

1. Make a "parent bird." First, cut two strips of paper, 2 cm x 20 cm each. Make a loop with one strip of paper, letting the paper overlap by 1 cm, and tape the loop closed. Repeat for the other strip. Tape one loop 3 cm from each end of the straw, as shown in the figure. Mark the front end of the bird with a felt-tip marker. This "bird" will represent the parent generation.

2. In your lab report, prepare a data table like the one shown below.

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