■ 500 mL of 5% baking-soda-and-water solution


1. Summarize the main steps of photosynthesis.

2. State the source of the oxygen produced during photosynthesis.

3. Identify factors that can affect the rate of photosynthesis.

Setting Up the Experiment

Always wear safety goggles and a lab apron to protect your eyes and clothing. Glassware is fragile. Notify the teacher of broken glass or cuts. Do not clean up broken glass or spills with broken glass unless the teacher tells you to do so. Wear disposable polyethylene gloves when handling any plant. Do not eat any part of a plant or plant seed used in the lab. Wash hands thoroughly after handling any part of a plant.

1. Add 450 mL of baking-soda-and-water solution to a beaker.

2. Put two or three sprigs of elodea in the beaker. The baking soda will provide the elodea with the carbon dioxide it needs for photosynthesis.

3. Place the wide end of the funnel over the elodea. The end of the funnel with the small opening should be pointing up. The elodea and the funnel should be completely under the solution.

4. Fill a test tube with the remaining baking-soda-and-water solution. Place your thumb over the end of the test tube. Turn the test tube upside down, taking care that no air enters. Hold the opening of the test tube under the solution, and place the test tube over the small end of the funnel. Try not to let any solution leak out of the test tube as you do this.

5. Place the beaker setup in a well-lighted area near a lamp or in direct sunlight.

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