■ stopwatch or clock with a second hand Background

People communicate nonverbally with their posture, or body position. The position of the body while standing is called the stance. In an equal stance, the body weight is supported equally by both legs. In an unequal stance, more weight is supported by one leg than by the other. In this lab, you will observe and analyze how stance changes during conversations between pairs of people who are standing.

1. Write a definition for each boldface term in the paragraph above.

2. Make a data table similar to the one on the next page. The sample data entered in row 1 show how to enter data. Do not copy these data.

3. Based on the objectives for this lab, write a question you would like to explore about nonverbal communication.

A ;« dF.l Observing Behavior

1. Work in a group of two or three to observe conversations between pairs of people. Each conversation must last between 45 seconds and

5 minutes. One person in your group should be the timekeeper and the other group members should record data. Be sure that your subjects are unaware they are being observed.

2. Observe at least three conversations. Record the genders of the two participants in each conversation and the gender of the one person whose posture you observe. Be sure that the timekeeper accurately clocks the passage of each 15-second interval.

3. For each 15-second interval, record all of the changes in stance by the person you are observing. For example, note every time your subject shifts from an equal stance to an unequal stance, or vice versa.

To record the stance simply, you may write E to identify an equal stance and U to identify an unequal stance.

4. If the subject assumes an unequal stance, also record the number of weight shifts from one foot to the other. Indicate a weight shift simply by writing W

5. When a conversation ends, write down whether the pair departed together or separately. To record this, write Tto indicate departing together, or Sto indicate departing separately.

6. After you have completed each observation, tally the total number of weight shifts within each 15-second block. IMPORTANT! Retain data only for conversations that last 45 seconds. If a conversation ends before you have collected data for 45 seconds, observe another conversation.

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