Bacteria are able to produce human insulin.

Comparing Unique Characteristics

Materials ink pad, paper, pencil, scissors


1. Cut four 3-in. squares of plain paper.

2. Draw lines on a full-sized sheet of paper to divide it into four equal squares.

3. Each team member will press a right thumb on the ink pad and then will quickly press the inked thumb in a square on the large sheet of paper and again on one of the small squares of paper.

4. Examine each of the thumb-prints, and list the differences and similarities of the prints. Describe how each thumbprint is unique. Then, shuffle the four thumbprints on the small squares, and try to match each with its duplicate on the large sheet of paper.

Analysis What characteristics are common to all thumbprints? What characteristics made each thumb-print unique? How do a person's fingerprints relate to his or her DNA fingerprints?

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