teacher. If you get any solution used in this investigation in your eyes, immediately flush your eyes with water at the eyewash station while calling to your teacher. You have been given a dropper bottle of unknown solution and a clean test tube. The solution in the dropper bottle represents the pathogens that you carry. Handle the unknown solution with care because it is not simply water.

5. When your teacher says to begin, transfer three dropperfuls of your solution to your clean test tube. Then, replace the lid on the dropper bottle, and do not re-open it until Part B of this investigation.

6. Select one person to be your partner. Let one partner pour the contents of his or her test tube into the other partner's test tube. Then, pour half the solution back into the first test tube. You and your partner now share pathogens of any possible transmittable disease that either of you might have had. Record the name of your first partner (Round 1) in your data table in your lab report.

7. For Round 2, wait for your teacher's signal, and then find a different partner and exchange solutions in the same manner as you did in step 6. Record the name of your second partner (Round 2) in your lab report. Do not exchange solutions with the same person more than once. Repeat this procedure again for Round 3.

8. After all rounds are finished, your instructor will ask you to add one dropperful of indophenol indicator to your test tube to see if the fluids in your test tube have become infected. Infected solutions will be colorless or light pink. All uninfected solutions will appear blue. Record the outcome of your tests in your lab report.

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