DIRECTIONS: Choose the letter of the answer choice that best answers the question.

1. Which information is given in a species name?

A. genus and order

B. division and genus

C. genus and species identifier

D. species identifier and phylum

2. To which level of classification does a group of closely related species of organisms belong?

F. class

G. order

H. genus

J. kingdom

3. Eukaryotic organisms that have a nucleus and organelles, have a cell wall made of chitin, and secrete digestive enzymes belong to which kingdom?

A. Fungi

B. Plantae

C. Protista

D. Animalia

INTERPRETING GRAPHICS: The cladogram below shows the phylogenetic relationships among four kinds of plants. Use the cladogram to answer the question that follows.



Flowering Pine trees plants



Flowering Pine trees plants


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