CAUTION Do not touch the hot plate. Use tongs to move heated objects. Turn off the hot plate when not in use. Do not plug in or unplug the hot plate with wet hands. Make a water bath by filling a 500 mL beaker half full with water. Then, put the beaker on a hot plate, and bring the water to a boil. While you wait for the water to boil, label one test tube "1-glucose," label the second test tube "1-unknown," and label the third test tube "1-water." Using the graduated cylinder, measure 5 mL of Benedict's solution, and add it to the "1-glucose" test tube. Repeat the procedure, adding 5 mL of Benedict's solution each to the "1-unknown" test tube and "1-water" test tube. Using a dropping pipet or eyedropper, add 10 drops of glucose solution to the "1-glucose" test tube. Using a second dropping pipet, add 10 drops of the unknown solution to the "1-unknown" test tube.

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