1 Discovery of DNA 193

2 DNA Structure 196

3 DNA Replication 200

4 Protein Synthesis 204

Quick Lab: Comparing and Contrasting RNA Types 209

Standardized Test Preparation 213

Skills Practice Lab: Modeling DNA

Replication and Protein Synthesis 214

Unit 3 Genetics and Biotechnology continued

chapter 11 Gene Expression_216

1 Control of Gene Expression 217

2 Gene Expression in Development and

Cell Division 223

Quick Lab: Modeling Post-Transcription Control 221

Standardized Test Preparation 231

Exploration Lab: Modeling Gene

Expression in the lac Operon 232

chapter 12 Inheritance Patterns and _Human Genetics_234

1 Chromosomes and Inheritance 235

2 Human Genetics 241

Quick Lab: Modeling Linkage 237

Standardized Test Preparation 251

Skills Practice Lab:

Analyzing Karyotypes 252

chapter 13 Gene Technology_254

1 DNA Technology 255

2 The Human Genome Project 261

3 Genetic Engineering 266

Quick Lab: Comparing Unique Characteristics 260

Standardized Test Preparation 273

Exploration Lab: Analyzing DNA Using

Gel Electrophoresis 274

TT Evolution

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