Heterozygous X Heterozygous

The same procedure is used to determine the results of crossing two pea plants heterozygous for round, yellow seeds. As Figure 9-13 shows, the offspring of this dihybrid cross are likely to have nine different genotypes. These nine genotypes will result in pea plants that have the following four phenotypes:

• 9/16 that have round, yellow seeds (genotypes RRYY, RRYy, RrYY, and RrYy)

• 3/16 that have round, green seeds (genotypes RRyy and Rryy)

• 3/16 that have wrinkled, yellow seeds (genotypes rrYY and rrYy)

• 1/16 that have wrinkled, green seeds (genotype rryy)

figure 9-13

A dihybrid cross of two individuals heterozygous for both traits of interest is likely to result in nine different genotypes and four different phenotypes.

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