CONCEPT MAPPING Use the following terms to create a concept map that compares models of population growth: logistic model, exponential model, density-dependent factors, density-independent factors, limited growth, unlimited growth, disease, drought, food availability, and forest fires.

Critical Thinking

19. Analyzing Concepts Because we humans alter our environment more than other animals do, we can affect the carrying capacity of our environment. How do we increase or decrease the carrying capacity of our local area?

20. Applying Information The cause of the population cycle of the snowshoe hare is still a subject of debate. Suggest a hypothesis to explain this cycle, and suggest a way to test it.

21. Drawing Conclusions How could disease be a density-dependent factor in a population?

22. Interpreting Graphics The population of country X is projected to grow rapidly in the next few decades, while slow growth is projected for country Y. Explain these projections based on the age structure graphs shown below.

Age Structure of Country X and Country Y

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