Jb^ When you have finished your dissection, remove ^^ the specimen from the dissecting tray. Dispose of your materials according to the directions from your teacher.

> Clean up your work area, and wash your hands before leaving the lab.

Analysis and Conclusions

1. How is the lens different from the other structures of the eye?

2. How does the nature of the sclera and choroid change as they reach the front part of the eye?

3. How does the vitreous chamber differ from the anterior and posterior chambers?

4. What would be the result of the cornea becoming cloudy during an animal's lifetime?

5. Sometimes, the retina of the eye becomes detached. Why is it important that the retina be reattached, if possible?

Further Inquiry

You see light if the vision center of your cerebrum is stimulated electrically. Scientists are trying to find out which brain cells are involved in forming images in our brains. How might scientists someday use this knowledge to help blind people see?


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