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5. In order for the lizard to raise its internal temperature it must do which of the following?

A. rest in the shade

B. bask in sunshine

C. increase its internal temperature through activity

D. decrease its internal temperature through activity

DIRECTIONS: Complete the following analogy.

6. Ectotherm : reptiles :: endotherm :

F. fishes

G. insects

H. mammals

J. amphibians

INTERPRETING GRAPHICS: The illustration below shows a cross section of a turtle's heart. Use the illustration to answer the question that follows.

Aortic arches (to body)

Aortic arches (to body)

Left pulmonary artery

^ Left pulmonary

Left pulmonary artery

^ Left pulmonary

7. Which feature of a turtle's heart structure is different from that of a crocodile?

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