Analysis and Conclusions

1. What characteristic is being studied in this investigation?

2. What are the genotypes of the parents? Describe the genotypes of both parents by using the terms homozygous, heterozygous, or both.

3. What does each seed in the Petri dish represent?

4. When the seeds were selected and paired, what did the pairs represent?

5. Did Tables B and C reflect a classic monohybrid-cross phenotypic ratio of 3:1?

6. When the class data were tabulated, did a classic monohybrid-cross phenotypic ratio of 3:1 result?

7. If a genotypic ratio of 1:2:1 is observed, what must the genotypes of both parents be?

8. Show what the genotypes of the parents would be if 50 percent of the offspring were green and 50 percent of the offspring were yellow.

9. Construct a Punnett square for the cross of a heterozygous black guinea pig and an unknown guinea pig whose offspring include a recessive white-furred individual. What are the possible genotypes of the unknown parent?

Further Inquiry

Design a model to demonstrate a dihybrid cross of two parents that are heterozygous for two characteristics.

Construct and complete a Punnett square for this cross.

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