CAUTION Glass slides may break and cut you. Observe the prepared slide of the Allium root tip under low power. Locate the root cap and the root tip meristematic cells. You may look at the photograph in the chapter for help. Note the long root hairs in the area above the root tip.

2. In your lab report, draw the root tip that you observe, and label the root cap, meristem, and root hairs in your drawings.

Ranunculus root (275X)—a dicot

3. Change slides to the root cross section of the dicot Ranunculus. This slide should look similar to the photograph above. The inner core is the vascular tissue, which is surrounded by the endodermis. This area is involved in the transport of water, mineral nutrients, and organic compounds. Look for the X-shaped xylem and the smaller phloem cells surrounding the xylem.

4. In your lab report, draw what you see, and identify the xylem tissue and the phloem tissue in your drawing.

5. Locate the cortex, where starch is stored, which surrounds the vascular cylinder. Outside the cortex, find the epidermal cells and their root hairs. Draw a one-quarter section of the root tissues. Label all the tissues in your lab report.

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