6. When you have obtained and matched two anoles to closely matching colors, label the back of the pieces of paper "Initial Color of Anole 1" and "Initial Color of Anole 2," respectively. Replace the swatches underneath the jars after you have labeled them. The anoles should stay in their respective jars until the end of this investigation.

7. Using the given setup and the remaining swatches of colored construction paper, devise a control experiment to test whether background color stimulates color change in the anole.

8. In your lab report, list the independent variable and the dependent variables that you intend to use in your experiment. Describe how you will vary the independent variable and how you will measure changes in your dependent variable.

9. In your lab report, describe the control you will use in your experiment.

10. Create a data table similar to the one below to record your experimental observations for your lab report. For example, the table below is designed to record any change in anole skin color on four different background colors and the time it took for each change to take place. Design your data table to fit your own experiment. Remember to allow plenty of space to write your observations.

11. Have your experiment approved by your teacher before conducting it. As you conduct your experiment, be sure to record all of your data and observations in your lab report.

12. Attach your color swatches to your lab report, or include a color-coded key so that others reading your report will be able to understand how you measured initial color and color changes in your anoles. Be sure the color that most closely represents the initial color of both anoles is clearly indicated in your lab report.

13. Jlt^ A Clean up your materials and wash your ^^ ^r hands before leaving the lab.

Analysis and Conclusions

1. What effect, if any, did changes in the independent variable have on the dependent variable in your experiment?

2. Do your data support your hypothesis? Explain.

3. Can you think of any sources of error in your experiment?

4. Was your experiment a controlled experiment? If yes, describe your control and why you think a control is necessary for your experiment.

5. Were there any uncontrolled variables in your experiment, such as loud noises, bright light, or sudden movements, that could have affected your experiment? Describe how you might be able to improve your methods.

Further Inquiry

Design an experiment that tests the effects of temperature on anole skin color.

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