chapter 6 Photosynthesis_112

1 The Light Reactions 113 jS^jj?^ ç Standardized Test Preparation 127

^jjfej ^fljjBfe;chapter 7 Cellular Respiration_130

1 Glycolysis and Fermentation 131

2 Aerobic Respiration 137 j.JJN Îf J . 1 f 1 i*r»1i Quick Lab: Comparing C02 Production 139

jl,^ iStandardized Test Preparation 147

■^iVÎ^i JVvTTj ; É'ft^.Ë'î Exploration Lab: Observing Cellular Respiration 148

chapter 8 Cell Reproduction_150

j/TfMjË ■ ^^^^Bj ^WTi Quick Lab: Identifying Prefixes and Suffixes 158

* Standardized Test Preparation 167

Skills Practice Lab: Observing Mitosis

Genetics and Biotechnology 1 70

chapter 9 Fundamentals of Genetics

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