■ pond water or dechlorinated tap water

Experiment Setup

■ gravel, rocks, and soil

1. In this investigation, you will observe organisms in

■ graph paper

one of three different ecosystems. Look at the

■ 82 x 11 in. acetate sheets

organisms listed in the materials list, and choose

■ several colored pens for overhead transparencies

the ecosystem you would like to observe. Which organisms might be the most numerous? Which

Ecosystem 1

organisms might decrease in number? Hypothesize

■ pinch of grass seeds

how the organisms will interact.

■ pinch of clover seeds

2. Form a group with classmates who have all chosen

■ 10 mung-bean seeds

the same ecosystem. As a group, prepare the envi-

■ 3 earthworms

ronment in a jar with a chosen substrate. Go to Part

■ 4 to 6 isopods (pill bugs or sow bugs)

A, Part B, or Part C for set-up instructions for your

■ 6 mealworms (darkling beetle larvae)


■ 6 crickets

3. Put lids on the containers, and let the ecosystem remain undisturbed in indirect sunlight for a week.

Ecosystem 2

Go to Part D after one week.

■ 5 to 15 strands of aquatic plants

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