chapter 39 Fishes_778

1 Introduction to Vertebrates 779

2 Jawless and Cartilaginous Fishes 782

3 Bony Fishes 787

Quick Lab: Analyzing a Phylogenetic Tree 780

Quick Lab: Modeling a Shark Adaptation 786

Standardized Test Preparation 795

Exploration Lab: Observing Structure and Behavior in Fishes 796

chapter40 Amphibians_798

1 Origin and Evolution of Amphibians 799

2 Characteristics of Amphibians 804

3 Reproduction in Amphibians 810

Quick Lab: Comparing Fish and Amphibian Skin 800

Standardized Test Preparation 815

Exploration Lab: Observing Live Frogs 816

chapter 41 Reptiles_818

1 Origin and Evolution of Reptiles 819

2 Characteristics of Reptiles 825

3 Modern Reptiles 830 Quick Lab: Modeling Snake Swallowing 833 Standardized Test Preparation 837 Inquiry Lab: Observing Color

Adaptation in Anoles 838

chapter 42 Birds_840

1 Origin and Evolution of Birds 841

2 Characteristics of Birds 844

3 Classification 851 Quick Lab: Comparing Wing Structures 845

Standardized Test Preparation 857

Exploration Lab: Comparing Feather

Structure and Function 858

chapter43 Mammals_860

1 Origin and Evolution of Mammals 861

2 Characteristics of Mammals 864

3 Diversity of Mammals 868

4 Primates and Human Origins 875

Quick Lab: Comparing Gestation Periods 873

Standardized Test Preparation 883

Skills Practice Lab: Examining Mammalian

Characteristics 884

chapter44 Animal Behavior_886

1 Development of Behavior 887

2 Types of Animal Behavior 893

Quick Lab: Recognizing Learned Behavior 889

Standardized Test Preparation 901

Exploration Lab: Studying

Nonverbal Communication 902

Human Bi

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