4. Insert one thermometer into each cup. The zero line on the thermometer should be level with the sand, as shown in the figure below. Re-level the sand if necessary.

5. VjW CAUTION Wear heat-protective gloves when ^ handling the lamp. The lamp will become very hot and may burn you. Using a ring stand or lamp support, position the lamp approximately 9 cm from the top of the sand, as shown in the figure on p. 28. Make sure the lamp is evenly positioned between the two cups.

6. Before turning on the lamp, record the initial temperature of each cup of sand in your data table.

7. Note the time or start the stopwatch when you turn on the lamp. The lamp will become hot and warm the sand. Check the temperature of the sand in each container at one-minute intervals for 10 minutes. Record the temperature of the sand after each minute in your data table.

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