■ 1 ounce duckweed

E2EDI3 Setting Up Ecosystem 1

■ culture or mixture of phytoplankton

1. Place the soil in the bottom of the jar about 4 or 5 in.

■ 1 or 2 ramshorn snails

deep. Clean soil off the inside of the jar.

■ 2 to 4 guppies, platys, or comet goldfish

2. Place rocks in and on top of the soil in a natural-

Ecosystem 3

looking arrangement.

3. Moisten the soil carefully. Do not saturate the soil.

■ small, clear glass container for inner water

4. Plant the seeds according to the package instructions.

■ 3 to 7 strands of aquatic plants

5. Clean up your materials, and wash

■ culture or mixture of phytoplankton

your hands before leaving the lab.

■ 10 Daphnia sp. (water fleas)

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