Genetics and Biotechnology

... [G]enetics has come to occupy an important position at the center of the sciences of life... genetics became allied with biochemistry; it revolutionized bacteriology, played a major role in the emergence of the molecular biology of the fifties, resisted the challenge of ecology, took hold of cancer research and is even now reaching out to revolutionize taxonomy and its old rival embryology. 99

From "Mendel, Mendelism and Genetics," by Robert C. Olby. Online,World Wide Web, July 2,1997. Copyright © 1997 by Robert C. Olby. Available Reprinted by permission of the author.

References to Scientific American project ideas are located throughout this unit.

References to Scientific American project ideas are located throughout this unit.

These tiger cub siblings look very similar to one another because they have inherited characteristics from their parents.

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SECTION 1 Mendel's Legacy SECTION 2 Genetic Crosses tais of

The unique appearance of this white-skinned, blue-eyed alligator is the result of a genetic condition.

Mendel's Legacy

Genetics is the field of biology devoted to understanding how characteristics are transmitted from parents to offspring. Genetics was founded with the work of Gregor Johann Mendel. This section describes Mendel's experiments and the principles of genetics that resulted from them.

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