Epithelial Tissue

Epithelial (ep-uh-THEE-lee-uhl) tissue consists of layers of cells that line or cover all internal and external body surfaces. Each epithelial layer is formed from cells that are tightly bound together, often providing a protective barrier for these surfaces. Epithelial tissue is found in various thicknesses and arrangements, depending on where it is located. For example, the epithelial tissue that lines blood vessels is a single layer of flattened cells through which substances can easily pass. But the epithelial tissue that lines the trachea consists of a layer of cilia-bearing cells and mucus-secreting cells that act together to trap inhaled particles. The most easily observed epithelial tissue, the body's outer layer of skin, consists of sheets of dead, flattened cells that cover and protect the underlying living layer of skin. Figure 45-1c shows an illustration of cells of epithelial tissue.

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