Art shows complex ideas and processes. Learn to analyze the art so that you better understand the material in the text.

Tables and graphs display important information in an organized way to help you see relationships.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the photographs to see relevant examples of science concepts that you are reading about.

Prepare for Tests

Section Reviews and Chapter Reviews test your knowledge of the main points of the chapter. Critical Thinking items challenge you to think about the material in different ways and in greater depth. The Standardized Test Preparation that is located after each Chapter Review helps you sharpen your test-taking abilities.

STUDY TIP Reread the Objectives and Chapter Highlights when studying for a test to be sure you know the material.

Use the Appendix

The Appendix contains a variety of resources designed to enhance your learning experience. These resources include Using a Compound Light Microscope, Using SI Units for Measurement, and Analyzing Word Parts. The Appendix also contains reference materials that will be useful in your exploration of biology, such as Biologist's Guide to the Periodic Table, Classification, and Geologic Time Scale.

lolt _ line Learning

Visit Holt Online Learning

If your teacher gives you a special password to log onto the Holt Online Learning site, you'll find your complete textbook on the Web. In addition, you'll find some great learning tools and practice quizzes. You'll be able to see how well you know the material from your textbook.

For advanced-level project ideas from Scientific American, visit go.hrw.com and type in the keyword HM6SAX.


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