Many people with a family history of genetic disease seek genetic screening before having children. Genetic screening is an examination of a person's genetic makeup. It may involve karyotypes, blood tests for certain proteins, or direct tests of DNA. Physicians can now also detect more than 200 genetic disorders in the fetus. The technique called amniocentesis (AM-nee-oh-sen-TEE-sis), shown in Figure 12-14, allows a physician to remove some amniotic fluid from the amnion, the sac that surrounds the fetus, between the 14th and 16th week of pregnancy. Geneticists can analyze fetal cells for genetic disease by examining chromosomes and proteins in the fluid.

Geneticists can use fetal cells obtained by amniocentesis or by chorionic villi sampling to prepare fetal karyotypes that might display chromosome mutations. This allows physicians to diagnose chromosomal abnormalities

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