<¿y Standardized Test Preparation

DIRECTIONS: Choose the letter of the answer choice that best answers the question.

1. How do bacteria produce yogurt from milk?

A. by conjugation

B. by fermentation

C. by nitrogen fixation

D. by aerobic respiration

2. What are rod-shaped bacteria called?

F. cocci

G. bacilli

H. spirilla

J. halophiles

3. What are thermoacidophiles?

A. bacteria

B. archaea

C. spirochetes

D. cyanobacteria

4. Genetic recombination in bacteria can occur during which process?

F. conjugation

G. binary fission

H. heterocyst formation J. endospore production

INTERPRETING GRAPHICS: The table below lists the response of a bacterium to several antibiotics. A score of 0 means not sensitive, and sensitivity increases as the score increases. Use the table to answer the questions that follow.




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