Critical thinking

24. Analyzing Information Imagine that a mutation resulted in an animal that could not experience habituation. Explain the effect on the individual and how natural selection might act on this mutation.

25. Forming Reasoned Opinions A friend insists that animals can only communicate with members of their own species. Is this true? Explain and support your opinion.

26. Critiquing a Scientific Explanation Biologists cut the tails of male widowbirds and found that they mated with only half as many females as males with uncut tails. Should the scientists conclude that female widowbirds prefer long tails? Why or why not?

¿ffia^ Recognizing Relationships In many BUUKfl S bird species, the male is more brightly colored than the female. Explain how natural selection and sexual selection might result in these characteristics.

Interpreting Graphics Identify the type of behavior displayed in the following image. Explain how natural selection might play a role in developing this behavior.

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