Critical Thinking

20. Making Comparisons There is a higher concentration of air molecules inside an inflated balloon than there is outside the balloon. Because of their constant random motion, the molecules inside press against the balloon and keep it taut. How is the pressure exerted by these air molecules similar to turgor pressure? How is it different?

21. Comparing Concepts Sometimes, water seeps through the concrete wall of a basement after a heavy rain, and the homeowner must remove the water with a sump pump. How can this situation be compared to the action of a unicellular non-photosynthetic organism that lives in a pond?

22. predicting Results If a cell were exposed to a poison that blocked the cell's ability to manufacture ATP, what effect would that have on the cell membrane's transport processes?

23. Interpreting Graphics The drawing below shows a plant cell after the solute concentration of its environment has been changed. How would you describe the new external environment?

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