Critical Thinking

22. Applying Information In some countries, many children suffer from a type of malnutrition called kwashiorkor. They have swollen stomachs and become increasingly thin until they die. Even when given rice and water, these children still die. What type of nutritional deficiency might these children have?

23. Analyzing Concepts Why is it important that the large intestine reabsorb water and not eliminate it?

24. Predicting Patterns The loop of Henle functions to conserve water by aiding in reabsorption. Its length varies among mammal species. Would you expect the loop of Henle of an animal such as the beaver, which lives in a watery environment, to be longer or shorter than that found in humans? Explain your answer.

25. Recognizing Relationships Look at the pictures of the teeth of different animals. What can you tell about the human diet by comparing the teeth of humans with those of other animals shown here?

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