Critical Thinking

20. Relating Structure and Function Mammalian species that live in very cold environments are usually larger than species of the same genus that live in warmer climates. Propose an explanation for this. (Hint: Consider the effect that increasing size has on volume and surface area.)

21. Analyzing Processes Some kinds of mice give birth about 21 days after mating. Why might this characteristic make mice ideal laboratory animals for experiments dealing with mammalian development and heredity?

22. Forming Hypotheses Sloths are arboreal xenarthrans that spend most of their lives hanging upside down from tree branches as they feed in tropical forests. Most sloths have green algae growing in tiny pits in their hair. What advantage might each species gain from this relationship?

23. Applying Concepts In recent years, surgeons have tried transplanting baboon and pig hearts into humans. Explain why surgeons tried these hearts rather than a large turtle's heart.

24. Analyzing Results In a famous study conducted 200 years ago, the Italian scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani showed that a blinded bat could still fly and capture insects. However, a bat whose ears had been plugged with wax could neither fly nor hunt. Explain these results.

25. Interpreting Graphics Study the two skulls below. Which is more like a mammal skull? Justify your answer.

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