Critical Thinking

18. Predicting Results When the CO2 concentration in the cells of a C3 plant is low compared with the O2 concentration, an enzyme combines RuBP with O2 rather than with CO2. What effect would this enzymatic change have on photosynthesis? Under what environmental conditions would it be most likely to occur?

19. Evaluating Information All of the major components of the light reactions, including the pigment molecules clustered in photosystems I and II, are located in the thylakoid membrane. What is the advantage of having these components confined to the same membrane rather than dissolved in the stroma or the cytosol?

20. Inferring Relationships When the sun's rays are blocked by a thick forest, clouds, or smoke from a large fire, what effect do you think there will be on photosynthesis? How might it affect the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and oxygen? What experiments could scientists conduct in the laboratory to test your predictions?

21. Interpreting Graphics The graph below shows how the percentage of stomata that are open varies over time for two different plants. One curve represents the stomata of a geranium, and the other curve represents the stomata of a pineapple. Which curve corresponds to the pineapple stomata? Explain your reasoning.

Daily Cycle of Stomatal Opening

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