Critical Thinking

17. Evaluating Results Some yeast can use fermentation or cellular respiration. If oxygen is present, these yeast cells consume glucose much more slowly than if oxygen is absent. Explain this observation.

18. Inferring Relationships How does cellular respiration ultimately depend on photosynthesis?

19. Predicting Results Some eukaryotic cells must use ATP to move NADH into the mitochondrial matrix. Would you expect cellular respiration to be more or less efficient in prokaryotic cells than in eukaryotic cells? Explain your answer.

20. Interpreting Graphics The graph below shows the rate of ATP production by a culture of yeast cells over time. At the time indicated by the dashed line, cyanide was added to the culture. Cyanide blocks the flow of electrons to O2 from the electron transport chain in mitochondria. Explain why adding cyanide affects ATP production in the way indicated by the graph.

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