Critical Thinking

6. Relating Concepts Describe how the rapid growth of the computer technology industry in the 1990s relates to the Human Genome Project.

7. Analyzing Models Some people might assume that the more nucleotides in a genome, the more genes it contains. Make a graph of the data in Table 13-1. Explain why you agree or disagree.

8. Evaluating Choices If you were the scientist who developed the model organism list, which organisms would you include? Justify your choices.


The very large U.S. government investment in the Human Genome Project has spurred research in genetics. Within months of the genetic map's release, researchers around the country applied for patents on thousands of different genes and parts of genes. By the end of 2004, more than three million gene-related patent applications had been filed. Most gene-related patents have been issued to the government, the University of California, and three top biotechnology companies. Some observers criticize the idea of patenting human genes. Others support it.

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