Characteristics Of Bryophytes

Bryophytes are the most primitive type of plants. Overall, their characteristics are more like those of plants than of algae. Bryophytes are mostly terrestrial and have an alternation-of-generations life cycle. Bryophytes are seedless, and they produce spores. Because they do not have vascular tissue, they are very small, usually 1-2 cm (0.4-0.8 in.) in height.

Bryophytes need water to reproduce sexually because the sperm must swim through water to an egg. In dry areas, bryophytes can reproduce sexually only when adequate moisture is available. The asexual production of haploid spores does not require water.


• Identify the characteristics of bryophytes.

• Describe plants in the phylum Bryophyta.

• Describe plants in the phylum Hepatophyta.

• Describe plants in the phylum Anthocerophyta.

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