Chapter Review

Using Vocabulary

1. For each pair of terms, explain how the meanings of the terms differ.

a. auxin and gibberellin b. apical dominance and abscission c. tropism and nastic movement d. short-day plant and long-day plant

2. Use the following terms in the same sentence: thigmotropism, gravitropism, and chemotropism.

3. For each pair of terms, explain the relationship between the terms.

a. vernalization and biennial b. abscisic acid and abscission c. short-day plant and critical night length

4. Word Roots and Origins The word auxin is derived from the Greek auxein, which means "to increase." Using this information, explain why the term auxin is a good name for the plant hormone that the term identifies.

Understanding Key Concepts

5. Summarize the observed actions of each of the five types of plant hormones.

6. Identify an adaptive advantage of abscisic acid production.

7. Describe three ways in which a home gardener might use auxin.

8. Discuss the commercial use of gibberellins.

9. Describe how a fruit grower might use ethylene on crops.

10. Compare the functions of cytokinins and abscisic acid.

11. Describe how growth retardants are used on plants.

12. Identify the type of plant movement that is a growth response.

13. Identify the environmental stimulus involved in each of the plant tropisms.

14. Explain how auxins are thought to cause plant growth in response to gravity.

15. Summarize the adaptive advantages of the two types of nastic movements.

16. Define photoperiodism.

17. Explain how critical night length applies to photoperiodism.

18. Describe how a biennial plant lives, and explain why vernalization is important in its life cycle.

19. Name the type of pigment that becomes visible in a leaf when chlorophyll begins to degrade.

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