Chapter Labs

Inquiry Labs allow you to form hypotheses and draw conclusions based on your work. Exploration Labs allow you to model a phenomenon. Skills Practice Labs teach you lab skills used by biologists.

chapter 1 Skills Practice Lab

Using SI Units 28

chapter 2 Inquiry Lab

Measuring the Activity of Enzymes in Detergents 48

chapter 3 Inquiry Lab

Identifying Organic Compounds in Foods 64

chapter 4 Exploration Lab

Comparing Animal and Plant Cells 94

chapter 5 Inquiry Lab

Analyzing the Effect of Cell Size on Diffusion 110

chapter 6 Exploration Lab

Measuring the Rate of Photosynthesis 128

chapter 7 Exploration Lab

Observing Cellular Respiration 148

chapter 8 Skills Practice Lab

Observing Mitosis in Plant Cells 168

chapter 9 Exploration Lab

Modeling Monohybrid Crosses 190

chapter 10 Skills Practice Lab Modeling DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis 214

chapter 11 Exploration Lab

Modeling Gene Expression in the lac Operon 232

chapter 12 Skills Practice Lab

Analyzing Karyotypes 252

chapter 13 Exploration Lab

Analyzing DNA Using Gel Electrophoresis 274

chapter 14 Exploration Lab

Making Microspheres 294

chapter 15 Exploration Lab

Modeling Selection 314

chapter 16 Exploration Lab

Predicting Allele Frequency 334

chapter 17 Skills Practice Lab

Using and Formulating Dichotomous Keys 354

chapter 18 Exploration Lab

Observing Habitat Selection 378

chapter 19 Skills Practice Lab

Studying Population Growth 396

chapter 20 Exploration Lab

Observing Symbiosis: Root Nodules 414

chapter 21 Inquiry Lab

Constructing and Comparing Ecosystems 432

chapter 22 Inquiry Lab

Testing the Effects of Thermal Pollution 456

chapter 23 Inquiry Lab

Culturing Bacteria 480

chapter 24 Inquiry Lab

Infecting Plants with Tobacco Mosaic Virus . . . . 498 chapter 25 Exploration Lab

Classifying Green Algae 524

chapter 26 Inquiry Lab

Exploring the Growth of Fungi on Food 540

chapter 27 Exploration Lab Comparing Soil-Grown Plants with

Hydroponic Plants 560

chapter 28 Exploration Lab

Observing Plant Diversity 580

chapter 29 Skills Practice Lab

Observing Roots, Stems, and Leaves 606

chapter 30 Exploration Lab Comparing Seed Structure and Seedling Development 628

chapter 31 Inquiry Lab

Testing the Effect of a Gibberellin on Plant Growth 646

chapter 32 Skills Practice Lab

Dissecting a Sheep's Heart 670

chapter 33 Exploration Lab

Observing Hydra Behavior 686

chapter 34 Inquiry Lab

Observing Flatworm Responses to Stimuli 702

chapter 35 Inquiry Lab

Testing Earthworm Behavior 720

chapter 36 Inquiry Lab

Investigating Pill Bug Behavior 738

chapter 37 Skills Practice Lab

Observing Grasshopper Anatomy 758

chapter 38 Skills Practice Lab

Comparing Echinoderms 774

chapter 39 Exploration Lab

Observing Structure and Behavior in Fishes 796

chapter 40 Exploration Lab

Observing Live Frogs 816

chapter 41 Inquiry Lab

Observing Color Adaptation in Anoles 838

chapter 42 Exploration Lab Comparing Feather Structure and Function 858

chapter 43 Skills Practice Lab

Examining Mammalian Characteristics 884

chapter 44 Exploration Lab

Studying Nonverbal Communication 902

chapter 45 Skills Practice Lab

Dehydrating and Demineralizing Bone 930

chapter 46 Inquiry Lab

Measuring Lung Volumes and CO2 Production 954

chapter 47 Exploration Lab

Simulating Disease Transmission 976

chapter 48 Inquiry Lab

Modeling Human Digestion 1002

chapter 49 Skills Practice Lab

Dissecting a Sheep's Eye 1028

chapter 50 Inquiry Lab

Observing the Effects of Thyroxine on

Frog Metamorphosis 1046

chapter 51 Exploration Lab

Observing Embryonic Development 1064

Feature Articles

Science in Action

Discover how science and technology impact our society.

chapter 1 Science on the Internet:

A New Information Age 20

chapter 3 Treating and

Preventing Diabetes 58

chapter 7 Mitochondria: Many

Roles in Disease 141

chapter 8 Stem Cells: Promise and Difficulty 160

chapter 10 DNA Repair and

Skin Cancer 203

chapter 13 Who Owns Genes? 265

chapter 21 Restoring an Ecosystem:

Molasses Reef 426

chapter 24 Marine Viruses:

What is Their Role? 493

chapter 35 Leeches: New Uses for an Old Remedy 712

chapter 42 Migrating Birds in Danger: Conservation Issues and Strategies 850

chapter 45 Looking Inside the Human Body . . 923

chapter 50 Early Onset of Puberty in Girls . . 1038

Careers in BIOLOGY

Read about individuals with exciting careers in the field of biology.

chapter 1 Forensic Biologist 18

chapter 12 Genetic Counselor 247

chapter 18 Canopy Scientist 364

chapter 22 Urban Ecologist 450

chapter 23 Microbiologist 464

chapter 27 Ethnobotanist 551

chapter 32 Veterinarian 654

chapter 37 Entomologist 742

chapter 45 Certified Athletic Trainer 918

Investigate how real-life scientists applied the scientific method in their research.

chapter 2 Is There Water on Mars? 38

chapter 6 How Can Scientists Replicate

chapter 9 Do Genes Jump? 179

chapter 18 Testing a Theory of Biogeography 370

chapter 25 How Did Eukaryotic

Cells Evolve? 505

chapter 29 Do Wild Animals

Self-Medicate? 598

chapter 44 Does Sonar Cause Whale

Strandings? 892

LN Biology

LN Biology

Follow the journey through time as major biology events are charted.

chapter 11 Milestones in Recent

DNA Research 227

chapter 17 Milestones in the

Classification of Organisms . . . . 340

chapter 22 Milestones in

Environmental Protection 445

chapter 23 Milestones in

Treating Bacterial Diseases . . . . 475

chapter 27 Milestones in Using Plants for Medicine 553

chapter 32 Milestones in

Developmental Biology 662

chapter 46 Milestones in

Blood Transfusion

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