Cell Mediated Immune Response

More than one type of T cell carries out the cell-mediated immune response. Interleukin-2 stimulates the further production of helper T cells. The increase in helper T cells produces an increase in interleukin-2, which allows T cells to divide even faster. Interleukin-2 is also responsible for stimulating the production of cytotoxic (siet-oh-TAHKS-ik) T cells (sometimes called killer T cells), which recognize and destroy cells that have been infected by the pathogen. Invaded cells are recognizable because they usually have some of the pathogen's antigens on their surface, as shown in Figure 47-7. The cytotoxic T cells produced have receptors that match the antigen. Cytotoxic T cells usually kill by making a hole in the cell membrane of their target. Cytotoxic T cells can also kill cancer cells and attack parasites and foreign tissues.

Word Roots and Origins cytokine from the Greek kytos, meaning "hollow vessel" or "cell," and kinesis, meaning "movement"

^^ Macrophages engulf the virus and display the viral antigens.


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