Elongation (continued)

The first tRNA detaches and leaves its amino acid behind. Elongation continues. The polypeptide chain continues to grow.


The process ends when a stop codon is reached. A stop codon is one for which there is no tRNA that has a complementary anticodon.

^^ Disassembly

The ribosome complex falls apart. The newly made polypeptide is released.

Translating Many Ribosomes at Once

Because a new ribosome begins translating mRNA almost as soon as the preceding ribosome has moved aside, several ribosomes may translate the same mRNA transcript at the same time. In fact, prokaryotes lack a nuclear envelope separating their DNA from ribosomes in the cytosol, thus translation can begin on an mRNA even before transcription of the mRNA has finished. In eukaryotes, translation of an mRNA occurs only after transcription is finished.

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