How did the Hershey and Chase experiment produce evidence that DNA, and not protein, is the hereditary material in viruses?

6. Applying Information What might Hershey and Chase have concluded if they had found both 32P and 35S in the bacterial cells?


• Evaluate the contributions of Franklin and Wilkins in helping Watson and Crick discover DNA's double helix structure.

• Describe the three parts of a nucleotide.

• Summarize the role of covalent and hydrogen bonds in the structure of DNA.

• Relate the role of the base-pairing rules to the structure of DNA.

vocabulary nucleotide deoxyribose nitrogenous base purine pyrimidine base-pairing rules complementary base pair base sequence

DNA Structure

By the early 1950s, most biologists accepted DNA as the hereditary material. However, they still lacked an understanding of DNA's structure or how this molecule could replicate, store, and transmit hereditary information and direct cell function. These mysteries would soon begin to unravel at Cambridge University in England.

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